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About Us

Hardis and Dromedas Ltd is a Nigerian Manufacturing Company. For more than 30 years, we have carefully researched, developed and lunched into the African market several fine products including, for example, the famous and very effective Isol germicide which is known to be six times stronger than any other disinfectant. This is why several homes, schools, hospitals, markets, offices, prisons, workshops, animal farms, abattoirs,hotels, entertainment joints and other centres of high population densities have embraced Isol Germicide and have completely trusted their environmental hygiene to the care of Isol.

We introduced into the African markets too, the famous Royallux. Royallux is the Antiseptic Cleansing Astringent which has proven to be the most appropriate to help radiate, and fine tune the natural beauty of the African skin. No other Astringent cleanses like Royallux, with such amazing rapid result. In our stable, we also have Divitol Antiseptic Disinfect, which is stronger than most in the market. We also produce the Akacha range of natural black soap and heat balm, Secret oil, proteck range of hygiene products, Glycerine, Ekko Rosewater, and other quality products.

All our products are designed to meet both local and international standards for quality and packaging. Our products are available bot has high concentrates in bulk quantity for local dilution, and wherever required, as “ready-for-use” products, labelled to client’s specifications. All Hardis products are guaranteed to perform the functions they claim. This is because we have our good image and reputation to protect before our good people who have trusted and patronised us and our products all these years.At Hardis, we have established good relationship with our suppliers of raw materials, packaging and other needed inputs and have put in place a team of highly skilled and reputable professionals who work tirelessly to produce and promote good hygiene products that meet the desires of our wonderful customers. Because here at Hardis, we care much more.