Our Vision

We are a viable and enterprising company, proud of our heritage, we strongly believe in the power of our brand and we are totally committed to our brand of products. Our vision is to touch the lives of our millions of consumers everyday through helping them feel good, look good, keep their homes and environment fresh and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them.

We intend on executing this vision by operating within a clear set of rules.

QUALITY: our customers deserve quality products. We must fulfill our promise to provide products of consistently high quality.

VALUES: We need to demonstrate the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate and social responsibility throughout the Group. We have clear obligations to consumers, suppliers, our employees and to the communities in which we operate. These obligations are respect, integrity and openness.

PROFITABILITY: As our business grows, so do our responsibilities. We develop new ways of doing business with the aim of doubling the size of our company while reducing our environmental impact.