Hardis & Dromedas Ltd is a known name in Nigeria as a reputable Manufacturing Company. Over the past 20years, we have carefully developed and launched into the Nigerian market several fine products including Isol Germicide; Isol is the only replica of erstwhile famous IZAL Germicide which is 6 times stronger than other disinfectants. Hardis also produces Isol Soap, Divitol Antiseptic Disinfectant, Ekko Rosewater (Odour control and Air freshener), Akacha Natural Soap, Akacha Heat Balm, Royallux Range of Beauty products, Household Bleach, Hadromed Methylated Spirit, among several other good quality products.

All our products are carefully prepared from choice ingredients, by highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff to give our numerous customers good quality products at highly competitive prices. Most of our products are available both as high concentrates in bulk quantity for local dilution, and whenever required, as ready-for-use products labeled to clients specification.

All products from the Hardis stable are good because they are thoroughly researched and improved upon regularly. We happily accept and process all business enquiries from would-be-distributors (we call them partners). We encourage institutional buyers such as hospitals, schools, ministries, churches, business organizations, hotels etc. to take advantage of our bulk purchase prices with several other incentives.

We encourage young people both employed and unemployed to join our growing team of network marketers, and earn some income for themselves, by retailing our products within their neighborhood. We welcome enquires from direct suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials. As a growing company that has ambition to become one of the best in the industry, we are looking out for people of like mind to partner with us either through product dealership or mutually acceptable joint ventures.

We happily welcome you to our world; for at Hardis we care much more.